Beer Game: BeerBall

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto
Submitted By: Marty Ripper (

Beer Games The National Sport (baseball) also has a version for beer drinkers. You need two teams, a baseball diamond, some plastic cups, and A LOT of beer. Place a full cup of beer at each base. The game is played with either a softball or baseball, with players following the usual rules of the game EXCEPT that each time a runner reaches a base, s/he must consume the contents of the cup of beer waiting there. The runner may not proceed until the cup is empty. For example, a double would require the batter hit a fairly long ball, run to first base and down the beer waiting there before proceeding to second base and downing the beer there. Home runs are rare. It is normal for the batting team to make sure that all cups are kept full, as runners can't advance without drinking.

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