Category: Skill Games

Beer Games The rules are as follows:
You need: A number of teams (each team consisting of four persons), a wooden table and a wooden bench for each team, soft,green grass, a referee, a lot of beer.
Before starting, you put the tables beside each other and the benches behind the tables. Each team now sits down on its bench. The referee has to provide a bottle of beer for each competitor. After the starting signal, all competitors have to start drinking as fast as they can. If every member of a team has finished the beer, they have to take the table and throw it as far as they can. Then they take the bench and move it to the place where the table landed. They pop up the table, sit down on the bench, the referee provides some more beers, and the team is ready to start the second round. The game is finished when one team has gone over a certain
distance (maybe 40 or 50 meters). Maybe this sounds a bit complicated, but it's very easy to play and it has maximum buzz factor, even for people just watching the game.

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