Beer Game: Beer softball

Category: Board/Commerical
Submitted By: Spencer Tom (

Beer Games This is a game that we played in college in the '60s. All fielders, base runners and batters have 5-8 oz. beer cups in the field. Each player except the catcher and pitcher have to drink a beer after they catch the ball and before they can throw it. The batter must drink their beer after he or she hits the ball before they can advance to first base and at each base they must drink another beer. The fielder who catches the ball cannot attempt a put out until they drink a beer. If my memory is correct, we used 8oz. glasses and we drank a bit before the game and during, but games never lasted more than about 4 innings.

We also played a variation of thumper or "Indian" as we called it. We called it rhythm and if you broke the rhythm or made a mistake you drank. We used numbers. Each player had a number. The game started by starting the rhythm. Thump thump, clap clap, 1 - 6 snapping your fingers, player 6 was then it and had to keep the rhythm and give their number first and not give the number of a player that was out of the game or next to them. Thump thump, clap clap, 6 - 3 and so on. It is a local variation of the other games mentioned above.

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