Beer Game: Shoulders

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto
Submitted By: PATTON, MICHAEL (

Beer Games The object of the game is to collectively count to the number 20. Someone starts by hitting his/her own shoulder and saying the number "1." The next person to go depends on which shoulder the first player hit (left shoulder - goes to left). The next player can then hit either shoulder and say the number "2." This proceeds onto the number 20. However, on the numbers 5, 10, 15, and 20, there are special rules. When a player does the number 5, he/she must put arms up horizontally as if
crossing them.

(right arm)* * (left arm)
* ********
Whoever the top hand points to continues with 6. On 10, the player points to anyone else playing and says "10," and the person pointed at continues with 11. When it comes to 15, the same gesture for 5 is repeated, but the direction goes by the bottom hand. When 20 is reached, the player must look at one person, point at
another, and say yet another person's name. Whoever's name is mentioned must finish his/her beer. Drinking occurs whenever someone calls a wrong number, goes out of turn, makes a wrong gesture, or takes too long to go. When someone makes a mistake and drinks, that person then starts over at 1.

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