Beer Game: Circle of death

Category: Card Games

Beer Games Deck of cards
A lot of beer
Some very stupid people

Lay one card on the floor or table.
Lay a circle of cards around the first card (3 to 5).
Lay a second circle of cards around the first circle=20.
So on and so on until you have three or four circles of cards.

First person picks up a card. If it's a red card you drink that many drinks. 5 of hearts, you drink 5. If it's black, you get to pass out that many drinks to other people in any combination. Next person picks a card from the first circle. Each person keeps picking cards from the first circle until it's depleted. Next person picks from the second row. The second row has a multiplier of two. Each row has a multiplier of whatever the row is that your drinking from. The last row could have a multiplier of 4 or 5! Get a red 10 and your drinking 50...

Hour of power:
Couple of people needed to play watch (sober person to watch the time piece).
A lot of beer.
A shot glass for each person who is playin.g

Each participant takes a shot of beer each minute for an hour.

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