Beer Game: THE SERVE

Category: Skill Games

Beer Games The serve can be made by either the slammer or the setter. A team has two chances ("faults") to make a good serve. Hitting the 2x4 counts as a fault. Double faults result in a point for the other team. Also, hitting your opponents' cup(s) on a serve results in a point to the other team.


1. A return of serve directly into the opponents cup(s) does not count as a point. Serve stays with the serving team.
2. There is no "goaltending" allowed, i.e. a team cannot guard their cups with their paddles or interfere in any way to prevent their cup(s) from being "slammed".
3. A team's cups must be touching for play to be legal. A time-out can be called between points by separating your cup from your teammates. If your cups are touching, it's an indication that you are ready to receive serve, even if you aren't actually ready.
4. 16 or 20 oz. plastic cups are recommended; 32 oz. cups are for professionals who aren't driving home, and 12 oz. or less cups are for woosies.


Your Team Opponent Team
IF YOU... Is Awarded... Drink Penalty...

Hit an opponents' cup(s) 1 point 1/4 cup
Knock over an opponents' cup(s) 1 point 1/2 cup
Sink ball into an opponents' cup 1 point Remainder of cup

Opponent Team Your Team
IF YOU... Is Awarded... Drink Penalty...

Double Fault 1 point 1/4 cup
Serve into an opponents' cup(s) 1 point 1/4 cup
Knock over your own cup(s) in any way No points 1/2 cup

Other House Rules may apply at the discretion of the host.

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