Beer Game: Three Man

Category: Dice Games

Beer Games A most excellent good time dice game. Supplies needed are the standard people and beer, plus dice. Check the variations below for additional or optional supplies.

Everyone sits in a circle. The first order of business is to determine the Three Man. This is done by each player rolling a die in turn. The first to roll a three becomes the Three Man (see below for the variations with the Beer Helmut.)

The player to the left of the Three Man goes first, and play continues in a clockwise direction.

Rules-- The Long Version:

The player then rolls both dice and acts accordingly to the following combinations:

1:1 Doubles - see below
1:2 Three Man drinks (sum to 3)
1:3 Three Man drinks (three on die)
1:4 Thumb to table or floor (playing surface)
1:5 Index finger to side of nose.
1:6 Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
2:2 Doubles - see below
2:3 Three Man drinks (three on die)
2:4 Pass turn
2:5 Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
2:6 Pass turn
3:3 Doubles - see below; three drinks twice
3:4 Three Man drinks; player to left of roller drinks
3:5 Three Man drinks
3:6 Three Man drinks; Social
4:4 Doubles - see below
4:5 Social
4:6 Pass turn
5:5 Doubles - see below
5:6 Player to right of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
6:6 Doubles - see below

However, if on the Three Man's turn, s/he rolls a three or combination thereof, s/he is no longer the Three Man and then can designate any other player as the new Three Man (this also includes if the Three Man rolls during a doubles give; see below).

Social: Everybody drinks

Doubles: The roller has the option of giving both dice to one player or one dice to two players. Whatever the case, the dice are rolled and the number on the dice is what that person(s) has to drink. (ie., roller gives the dice to Y and Z. Y rolls a 3 and Z rolls a five, Y drinks 3, Z drinks 5. Or Y gets both both dice and rolls a 3:5, Y then drinks 8.) However, if the given dice roll to doubles, the original roller has to drink that amount. But the original roller also keeps the turn.

To condense everything:

Total of 7 - player to right of roller drinks
Total of 11- left
Total of 9 - Social
Any 3 or sum to 3 - Three man drinks
1 and 4 - thumb on floor
1 and 5 - finger on nose
Doubles - give 'em away

Variation with the Beer Helmut:

To make the visual effect of the game more interesting, the Three Man should have to were some some of strange hat, the Beer Helmut. The Helmut could be almost anything that can be worn on the head, orange hunters' hat, lampshade, undergarments, etc. But tradition holds that the Helmut be made from a discarded case of beer, cut so the the handle serves as eyepieces and a nose bridge. Other ornamentation may be freely added, such as a plume from other cardboard or feathers. It should look like something worn into battle. Thus the name, Beer Helmut.

When the Three Man no longer is the Three Man due to skillful rolling, part of the ceremony is the passing of the Helmut onto the new Three Man.

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