Beer Game: SLAM PONG

Category: Board/Commerical
Submitted By: Scott O'Dell (

Beer Games Slam Pong is a variant on the game of Ping Pong that incorporates some aspects of volleyball and emphasizes beer consumption, teamwork, mental prowess, and agility (not necessarily in that order). The object of the game is to hit either of your opponents' cups with the ping pong ball. Each cup hit is worth one point; game is to four points.


* Ping Pong Table
* Paddles & ample supply of Ping Pong Balls
* Wooden 2x4 (instead of net)
* Squeegee to clean up spills
* 4 players
* Lots of beer


Key: A1 = Team A Setter a = Team A cups
A2 = Team A Slammer b = Team B cups
B1 = Team B Setter
B2 = Team B Slammer

2x4 (Flat)
\ A2
| \ || |
| \ || |
| \ || |
A1 | a \|| b | B1
| a || b |
| || |
| || |



Play is initiated by either member of a team serving the ball as in regular ping pong from any area on their side of the table. The receiving team gets two hits to either hit the opponents' cup(s) or put the ball into play into the opponents' court. The typical strategy is for the "setter" to receive the serve, hitting it to his "slammer", and the slammer going for the kill on the other teams' cups. See diagram above for player positions. If the ball hits the table on the opponents' side without hitting the cups, the ball is still in play. If it misses the table, hits the center 2x4, or hits the wrong side of the table, play is stopped and the team that blew the volley must serve. In this game, it is a disadvantage to serve, as illustrated above.

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