May 27, 2024


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Beer and Health

Calories and carbs
How fattening? How strong?
How many calories in that serving of beer, how much alcohol? We've got the numbers for hundreds of beers, sometimes even the carbohydrates.
Beer vs. other alcohol and snacks
It's not just beer adding notches to your belt, but also the bag of chips you consume at the same time.
Drink beer, get thin?
Bob Skilnik investigates the beer and a low-carbohydrate diet.

The good and the bad
Beer has no fat or cholestrol, and there's plenty of research on why it can be good for you. Beer creates beer bellies, impairs your judgment and driving skills, and there's plenty of research on why it can be bad for you. Point and counterpoint.

When to say when
There are many factors other than the numbers of beers you drink that determine how many is too many. How much you weigh, how fast you drink, what you've eaten ... It may sound politically incorrect, you should ask yourself: Am I drunk yet?

Hangovers happen
There are more hangover "cures" than there are styles of beer. For instance, back in the Middle Ages one cure called for a mixture of bitter almonds and raw eel. We've got some suggestions for avoiding the morning after or dealing with it when it arrives. Causes and cures.

In the news
Cactus combats hangovers
Prickly pear extract reduces symptoms of too much drinking
Are drinkers smarter?
Research in London links alcohol consumption, cognitive ability
Drink, moderately, to good health
Two studies support benefits of drinking, particularly for women
Humulus lupulus diet?
Japanese researchers find that hops fight fat
Beer drinking = Clear thinking
Alcohol can increase ability to make rational decisions
Beer may 'stretch' arteries
A beer a day can be good for the heart
Beer belly blocker?
Russian study finds testosterone reduces obesity.
'Vitamin Beer' coasters banned
Advertising authority orders British brewery to withdraw beer mats
Why not the national drink?
PETA lobbies Wisconsin to change official state beverage from milk to beer.
Forget apples
Beer a day may keep the doctor away.
Beer aims to fight cancer
Germans develop product higher in antioxidant found in hops.
Vitamin B beer?
Officials in Scotland continue to investigate the benefits of vitamin-laced beer.
Just what the doctor ordered
Studies find beer lowers cholesterol, fights hypertension.
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