Beer belly blocker?

Russian study finds testosterone reduces obesity

Feb 12, 2003 - Doctors have come up with a testosterone treatment that fights the beer belly. By doubling the blood level of the hormone in a group of patients researchers reduced their obesity by more than 15% in just six months.


At the same time, cholesterol levels and blood pressure also dropped. The treatment could pave the way for new ways of tackling the fat concentrated around the male abdomen — popularly known as the beer belly or pot belly.

Attendees at a London conference on male menopause were presented information from a Russian study that indicated higher testosterone levels may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, as well as having beneficial effects on bone health, diabetes and depression.

The risk is that testosterone supplements could increase the likelihood cancer, or the possibility of existing cancer spreading.

All fat can be a health risk, but it's more of a problem when it builds up in and around the abdomen. Pound for pound, such abdominal fat is much more likely to cause diabetes, heart disease and other problems. Many men develop abdominal fat, especially in middle age. That is also the time when natural testosterone levels begin to decline, and the falling levels have been linked to the andropause (male menopause).

Doctors gave patients two testosterone tablets a day for six months. The body mass index of the men - a measure of obesity which takes both weight and height into account — ranged from 30 to 34, with an average of around 31.

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