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American Beer Month
Are others surprised when women drink beer?

During American Beer Month 2002, four members of the majority gender in the country shared some of their beer knowledge with Real Beer. We concluded with a roundtable discussion led by Daria Labinsky.

Daria Labinsky: Do you still get reactions of surprise (or stupid questions) from people who see you drinking beer?

Lisa Morrison: Not so much when I DRINK beer, but I do get a lot of reaction when I open my mouth and start talking about beer. Especially from men. And the reactions range from surprise to amazement to something that resembles grovelling. Oh, and there's the marriage proposals. It's always pretty interesting, to say the least!

Note to single women out there: If you want to attract, amaze and impress men, learn a little bit about beer and start using that knowledge. Work it, sisters!

Lucy Saunders: Only from servers at fine dining/white tablecloth restaurants....probably because they expect a bigger markup from the sale of wine.

Cornelia Corey: It hasn't happened in quite a while - but then the places I drink beer in are more likely to be frequented by other women beer drinkers.

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- Should women beer drinkers be treated differently?
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- How can places be more welcoming to women?