Feb 22, 2024

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American Beer Month
Women beer drinkers and stereotypes

During American Beer Month 2002, four members of the majority gender in the country shared some of their beer knowledge with Real Beer. We concluded with a roundtable discussion led by Daria Labinsky.

Daria Labinsky: Do you think women beer drinkers still have to overcome stereotypes?

Lucy Saunders: Women beer drinkers usually are portrayed in the media as mindless party babes a la Coors twins - but the women I meet who drink craft beer are a lot more sharp, sassy and interesting!

Cornelia Corey: Absolutely, there is still the "helpful" server that tries to steer one to the light or fruit beer on the menu if they are available. Of course, that means I order a stout or barleywine even if it's not what I'm in the mood for.

Lisa Morrison: A little ditty circles around e-mail every now and again. It supposedly is a "study" by several New York bartenders who think they have seen enough women drinking to determine the type of gal by her choice of adult beverage.

It says that women who drink beer are "Casual, low maintenance and down to earth."

While I like to think that I am all of the above, I really have a hard time believing that because I choose to consume good beer, I am automatically casual and easy-going. Just ask my husband.

Of course, this is all in fun. And, like anything else, stereotypes are dangerous things. I think women who drink beer sometimes are stereotyped, but I think with more women learning to enjoy real beer, those stereotypes are flying out the window.

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