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American Beer Month
Do brewers still make "chick beers"?

During American Beer Month 2002, four members of the majority gender in the country shared some of their beer knowledge with Real Beer. We concluded with a roundtable discussion led by Daria Labinsky.

Daria Labinsky: Are brewpubs and micros still trying to capture the female market by making "chick beers"?

Lucy Saunders: I hope not. I think almost every pub/micro makes a lighter ale or lager for those who enjoy mass-market lagers - but both men and women fall into that category. I think most pubs want to offer a good selection of beer styles, as well as beverages such as wine, to attract parties, larger groups, special events, etc.

Lisa Morrison: I think some are, but a lot of brewers are learning that many women prefer beers that also reflect their other favorite beverages: coffee, tea, chocolate, red wine. Getting over their fear of "the Dark Side," is almost an epiphany for many woman.

Cornelia Corey: They're doesn't seem to be as many as during the "fruit" beer craze. Thank goodness that seems to have passed. Most brewpubs have a training beer, but I haven't gotten the impression it is mainly for women.

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