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If you're on our advertising page, you've already discovered the potential of the Real Beer Network. Rest assured, it's as good as it seems. In fact, it might be better: we were one of the earliest publishers to the Web and have been at it since 1994.

We've created the world's largest resource and audience for beer. Bar none. We offer 100% fat-free and loyal audiences that are unavailable elsewhere on the Web.

If you're marketing to upscale, educated consumers with a male skew, we've got the fun and beer loving, loyal audience for you.

Real Beer offers a variety of advertising packages for marketers interested in reaching the Real Beer audience. Real Beer offers Sponsorships, Banner Advertising and Text Link integration throughout the Real Beer Network. For information about advertising flight plans that can fit nearly any budget and be geographically or subject-oriented, please complete the following form:

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