May 29, 2024


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Homebrewing: Equipment

Five easy homebrew projects
Looking for something to do on a Saturday morning? From a wort pump to a carboy cart, here are five brewing gadgets you can make yourself.

Homebrew lab: Equipment for the brewer
From the humble hydrometer to a hand-held pH meter, here are the gizmos every science-inclined homebrewer should have.

Building a better wort chiller
Wort chillers are copper heat exchangers that help cool the wort quickly after the boil. There are two basic types, immersion and counterflow.

Turning a keg into a kettle
A well-modified half-barrel keg should be easy to make, easy to use and care for. Here's how to do it right.

A three-tiered gravity-flow brewing system
So what if you'd like to brew 10 gal or even 15 gal with nearly the same simplicity as partial-grain brewing. Can it be done? You bet it can when you brew with the three-tiered gravity-flow brewing system.

Discover the joys of kegging
The benefits of convenience and control far outweigh the cost of setting up a home draft system. Learn how how easy it can be to keg at home.

Carbonating beer in the keg
The last step in the brewing process that can influence flavor is carbonation. Whether you want to wait, shake or inject, Ashton Lewis had three foolproof ways to get the job done.

Carbonating with nitrogen
The process of adding nitrogen to beer is referred to as nitrogenation. Unfortunately, there are not many good references on how to nitrogenate beer. This is probably because there is a trick to it and the companies with that knowledge are not anxious to educate their competition.

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