May 28, 2024

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Honey wines and mead styles

Honey Wines around world
(A partial list of names discovered for honey wine type beverages around the world)

Aguamiel - Spain
Ayahuasca - Amazonian mind liberating liquid
Balche - Mayan mind altering mead
Chouchen, Hydromel - France
Hidromel - Portugal
Idromele - Italy
Med - Bulgaria and Ukraine
Meddeglyn or myddyglyn - Welsh
Mede - Holland
Mede - Japan (a coincidence?)
Medovina - Czech and Slovakia
Medovukha - Russia
Medu, Met, Meth - Germany
Medus, Midus - Lithuania, Latvia
Meis - Eritrean
Meodu - Old English
Miód - Poland
Mjød - Danish and Norwegian
Mjöd - Sweden
Mõdu - Estonia
Nabidh - Arabia
Sima - Finland
T'ej - Ethiopia
Ydromeli - Greece

Mead Styles
Braggot - honey wine and malted barley, sort of a mead-beer
Cyser - honey wine and fruit or cider (apple)
Capsicumel - honey wine with chili peppers
Hippocras - honey wine, grapes, and spices
Hydromel - Light Mead, 10% alcohol or below
Mead - made with honey, water and yeast sometimes with flavoring ingredients Also can have fruit, herbs, or spices
Melomel - honey wine with fruit or fruit juice
Metheglin - honey wine with spices and/or herbs
Morat - honey wine with mulberries
Omphacomel - honey wine and verjuice, the juice of unripe grapes
Oxymel - honey wine mixed with wine vinegar
Pyment - honey wine with grapes (fruit or juice)
Rhodomel - honey wine with attar, a rose petal distillate, rose hips, or rose petals
Sack mead - a heavy desert style mead
T'ej - T'ej is honey, water and gesho and traditionally from spontaneous fermentation. It is the national drink of Ethiopia, and has a varied and unique taste (Pronounced "tedge.")
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