gregg smithGregg Smith is an award winning writer, and has appeared in scores of publications. He was named 1997 Beer Writer of the Year by the North American Guild of Beer Writers. A recipient of 16 "Quill and Tankard" awards, he is a sought after speaker and has lectured at the Smithsonian, Culinary Institute of America, Great American Beer Festival, Craft Brewers Conference, Beer Camp, upscale restaurants, etc. Media appearances have included spots on national and international television and radio.

A noted Beer Historian, and beer styles reviewer, he travels extensively researching, writing and speaking about beer and brewing. He is author of "The Beer Enthusiast's Guide" from Storey Communications of Pownal, VT and "Beer: A History" by Avon books (a Division of Hearst Publishing), which received a Silver "Quill and Tankard" award. "The Beer Drinker's Bible" won the 1998 Gold Quill and Tankard as best beer book of the year. His newest book "Beer in America" was named best beer book for 1999. Both are available from Brewers Publications, Boulder, Colorado.

Mr. Smith is a Master beer judge, he has served on the board of the Beer Judge Certification Program and remains an Associate Director. He judged at the Great American Beer Festival from 1994 to present and at the World Beer Cup.

Gregg has been Managing Editor of, the "Beer & Tavern Chronicle", a monthly beer publication. Field editor of the "Northern Rockies Brew Review" and a guest editor for "Yankee Brew News". He is a staff writer for "All About Beer", and has appeared in "The Pint Post", "Rocky Mountain Brews" and many other publications. Mr. Smith also consults to the brewing and beverage industry.

North American Guild of Beer Writers awards:

1999 Beer Writer of the Year, runner up
Gold "Quill and Tankard" - Book
HM "Quill and Tankard" - General
HM "Quill and Tankard" - General
1998 Beer Writer of the Year, runner up
Gold "Quill and Tankard" - Book
Bronze "Quill and Tankard" - Editorial
Bronze "Quill and Tankard" - Styles
Honorable Mention "Quill and Tankard" - Styles
1997 Beer Writer of the Year
Gold "Quill and Tankard" - Editorial
Gold "Quill and Tankard" - Humor\Fiction
Bronze "Quill and Tankard" - Column
Bronze "Quill and Tankard" - Humor\Fiction
1996 Beer Writer of the Year, runner up
Gold "Quill and Tankard" - History
Silver "Quill and Tankard" - Book
Bronze "Quill and Tankard" - Brewing
Bronze "Quill and Tankard" - Travel
Honorable Mention "Quill and Tankard" - Column

Beer and Skiing
A Tale of Two Cities: The Snow, the Skiers, and the Beers of Salt Lake and Jackson Hole
An American Playland, Jackson Hole
Beers of Ski Country - Part 2, Far West
Beers of Ski country - Part 3, East Coast
Beers of Ski Country - Part 4

Brewing In Colonial Times
Brewing in Colonial America I
Brewing in Colonial America II
Brewing in Colonial America III
Brewing in Colonial America IV
Colonial Beer Roots
English Brewing in Colonial North America II
English Brewing in Colonial North America III

New York Beer History
Consumers Brewing Company
The Doelger Breweries
The Story of George Ehret
Fraunces Tavern
New York Beer History: Part 2

Chicago Beer History
The John A. Huck Brewing Company
Early Chicago Brewing

Pennsylvania Beer History
Colonial Philadelphia
The Brewery of William Massey
The Fredrick Lauer Story

Milwaukee Beer History
Milwaukee's Big Three (Part 1)
The Fred Miller Story (Part 2)
Pabst: A Blue Ribbon Beer (Part 3)
Milwaukee's Big Three (Part 4)

More History
The Golden Age of Taverns
The January Thaw: Robert Burns Day
Beer as an Early Mixed Drink
Beer in the Civil War
Technology and Change: The Unholy Triumvirate
No School of Hard Bocks
Lager's Origin in America - A Different Look
US Beer History: Western Gold
Ode to the bottle cap

Regional Brew Travels Articles
Beer touring in Wallonia
Beer Festivals: the Brewer's Perspective
A Pub Crawl Through Salt Lake City
Washington DC Pub Crawling
From the Heartland to Manhattan
Philadelphia Story: A Pub Crawl Through Time
Atlanta pub crawl: 10 miles of Beer
The Bay Area Pub Crawl
Boston Pub Crawl
British Pub Crawl in New York
Chicago: a Walking Beer Tour
Getting your Irish Up in Chicago
Dallas Pub Crawling
Greenwich Village Pub Crawling
A New Orleans Pub Crawl
Seattle Pub Crawl

Brew and Brewery Reviews
How to Hold a Beer Tasting
The Story of Wassail
Red Lagers
Wheat Beers: Summer's Coming
San Francisco - Anchor Brewing
Honoring the Lord's Work in New York City: BURP Castle
Gordon Biersch: Brew Pub On The Bay
The Hartford Brewing Company
Stoudt Brewing Company
Call of the North, the Windham Brewery
Woodstock Brewing Co.
Squatters: Salt Lake Oasis
Table Rock Brew Pub - Boise, Idaho

Beer Styles
Imperial Stout
Winter beers
Mulled beer
Barley Wine
Steam Beer
India Pale Ale
Pale Ale
Scotch Ale

Home Brewing
Hop Growing
Carboys: Advantages, Selection and Use
Temperature Factors
Improving Your Extract Brewing
No School of Hard Bocks

It's a Wonderful Beer Life
Saving The Microbreweries

Beer poetry
The Expulsion of Sam McGee
A Winter Warmer

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