Place of Origin: I am a US citizen, but am currently in the UK, and that's where these articles were published.

York, England.


In 1996, I moved to York, England to pursue a master's degree in Women's Studies. I since completed my degree, including a dissertation entitled, " 'What's she doing in 'ere? ' " How do women and men share space in a local pub?" (Interested publishers, please take note!) I am currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds, as well as a freelance writer and columnist for the Yorkshire Evening Press. I continue to frequent pubs, although no longer for research purposes!

Articles Published:
All have been published in the "Ouse Boozer", the local newsletter of the York branch of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale). (FYI, the Ouse is a river that flows through York, and boozer is slang for a pub.)

None yet, but see comment above about dissertation!!

How did you start writing about beer? I became a fan of British beers immediately upon arriving in the UK. (Was never a beer drinker in the States, except with chicken wings -- I'm a native of Buffalo, NY.) Discovered CAMRA and the Ouse Boozer, and thought they might like a column from an American. (They did -- perhaps they were desperate to fill space!) I was off an running.

Favorite beers?
I prefer milds and bitters; stouts are too strong for me, and lagers remind me of American canned beers. I can never remember the names of what I like, though. (This is not a consequence of drinking too much, which I don't -- rather, that there are so many weird and wonderful names for the beers here.)

Any Tips? Come to England! Lots of pubs here have beer festivals, where for a limited time there are several different beers on tap to try. Also, there are festivals organized by CAMRA branches. A great way to discover something new and share your opinions with other punters (drinkers).

Other Interests?
Reading, writing, walking, cycling, ballroom dancing. (I am an Arthur Murray Bronze I graduate!)