Robert Hughey
Beer writer Robert Hughey regularly contributes to The New Brewer, USA and the Great Lakes Brewing News, USA; and appears in The Grist, UK; BrewPub Magazine, USA; Celebrator Beer News, USA; Brewers Resource Directory, USA, and other beer publications around the world.

Robert Hughey also writes travel articles with a beery flavor featuring English breweries, pubs and real ales, and the American and Canadian microbrewery and brewpub scenes for his home page Beer Galaxy.

Robert Hughey offers a wide range of brewing knowledge and experience from which to draw. Having brewed at several Toronto area brewpubs, been a full-mash homebrewer for 20 years, and written about beer and brewing since the early 1980s, Robert Hughey has a well-rounded knowledge of beer. He often supports his articles with his own photographs and images.