Kitty O'Shea's

By Gregg Smith

Business have you going to Chicago? Staying downtown? Need a room, a meal, a beer and some tunes? Well, the B&TC has a recommendation in a convenient spot right on Michigan Avenue. Try the Hilton Hotel and when you're ready for dinner and a beer don't even think about going out. Downstairs, off the lobby the Hilton operates "Kitty O'Shea's" - an Irish Pub. The skeptic might think it's an awful long way from Dublin to Chi-town but Kitty's presents the feel of being in the Emerald Isle.

The pub is decked in tones of green with wood trim and cut class, and though this would surely be one of the more affluent Irish Pubs it's certainly comfortable. Placing an order brings the realization that everyday is St.Patrick's Day. The bar is tended by native Irish specifically hired to tap pints at Kitty O'Shea's. The windy city, like New York, has a significant Irish population and for the staff it's reason for not getting too homesick. Actually, their biggest adjustment is St.Patrick's Day. With it's large parade and boisterous parties it's a far cry from the more subdued observance in Ireland.

Missing St.Patrick's only means missing the parade because Kitty's has one of the best pints of Guinness served in the midwest. In fact, Kitty's is one of the leading outlets for Guinness in the United States. To accompany a pint try ordering the Corned Beef, it's one of the leanest to be found anywhere. Afterwards try sampling their many fine Irish whiskeys.

Later when you're ready for some music you need only walk across the street (get directions from the desk clerk) for "Buddy Guy's" a great blues club which shouldn't be missed. You can even play pool on the table where Canadian beer writer Steve Beaumont was consistently whupped by the B&TC staff.

The next day you might try yet another attraction - the fine exhibits of the Chicago Art Institute are only a few blocks north of the Hilton. When you've finished walking the Institute's halls head back to Kitty's, they'll have a Guinness waiting.

Gregg Smith


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