Marty Nachel:
Table of Contents

- The Active Ingredient
  How alcohol effects the human body

- The ABCs of BACs
  A look at how BACs are measured.

- Beer and Food
  An in-depth look at beer and how it can complement various ethnic and regional dishes.

- Where Nectar meets Ambrosia
  This article is about an informal tasting combinations of various beers and chocolate confections.

- Beverage Testing Institute
  A profile of BTI, the country's only full-time beverage evaluation company

- Brewing Up a Revolution
  An in-depth look at the success of Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Company.

- Chicago Beer Society Winter Beer Extravagaza
  A close look at one of this country's best beer and brewing clubs and one of their public annual events.

- Cider
  In-depth coverage of the making of cider, including tasting notes.

- The Sasq-watch
  A run-down of a vertical tasting of 6 vintages of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine Ale.

- Great Lakes Raises Stakes
  In depth look at one of this country's premier microbreweries.

- Kalamazoo Brewing Company
An in-depth look at Larry bell and his eccentric beers in Kalamazoo.

- Brewing Downeast
A regional look at some of Maine's microbreweries and brewpubs.

- The Sandlot Brewery
An inside view of the brewery/restaurant inside Denver's Coors Field.


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