A summer reading list

By Alan Moen

Summer may not be the best time for beer reading. You won't find me cozying up to the fireplace on a July evening with a copy of Michael Jackson's Beer Companion and a glass of barley wine. But hear me out: summer, as all homebrewers know, is definitely not the best time for brewing, but ideal for beer consumption. With a cool hefeweizen and a good beer book in hand, maybe we could convince our neighbors that our fanaticism has some literary pretensions as well. Hence, the first Brewing Techniques summer reading list (try this at home).

  • One Hundred Beers of Solitude - a comprehensive look at the world's monastic breweries.
  • From Beer to Maternity - the shocking expose of teenage drinking and pregnancy in America.
  • Stout of Africa - the Guinness brothers found a new brewery in Tanzania.
  • Mein Kolsch - beer-drinking habits among the elite of the Third Reich.
  • For Whom the Wort Boils - an American expatriate brewer starts an underground homebrew shop in Morocco.
  • The Hoppy Hooker - a call girl's new career in the Brew on Premise industry.
  • Death of an Aleman - a pioneer brewer's life comes to a rocky head.
  • The Two-Row Ahead - a cyber brew leader's vision of the future.
  • The Unabrewer Manifesto - complete guide to "brew bombing."
  • Martha Stewart's Guide to Home Decorating & Brewing.
  • Yeast of Eden - a homebrewer discovers a heavenly new culture.
  • YAKCO: The Untold Story - must reading for Yakimaniacs.
  • The Sound and the Slurry - re-fermentation adventures in the Old South.

(Note: some books may be out of print, or beer-stained beyond readability.)

© 1996 Alan Moen