Atlantic Coast Brewing

By Donald S. Gosselin

The road to some of the finest local ale leads to... Charlestown? Very true indeed, for since May of 1994, the Atlantic Coast Brewing Company has been treating Bostonians to some of the finest British-style ales this side of the Atlantic. Atlantic began with three draught accounts, which grew to twenty accounts in under ninety days. As Atlantic's beers have become better known, the count has risen to seventy. "We're huge!," jokes Chris Lohring, co-owner of Atlantic.

Using a small brewing system designed by British brewmaster Alan Pugsley of Peter Austin & Partners, Lohring and partner Alex Reveliotty have produced four noteworthy ales and are currently planning a fifth. Tremont Ale, Tremont Cask Conditioned Ale, Tremont Porter and Tremont E.S.B. (or Extra Special Bitter) have been well-received. With their twenty barrel brewing system, Atlantic can produce up to forty kegs of fresh ale in a session. "We're brewing two to three times a week," said Lohring, who added that they were just keeping up.

Reveliotty and Lohring are currently planning a draught-only barleywine, or extra strong ale, which will be available at Thanksgiving. The recipe will feature two-row British pale, crystal, black and wheat malts for a complex flavor profile. In the tradition of most British barleywines, a small addition of corn syrup will be used to boost the alcohol content to 10% by volume. Unlike many British examples of this style however, a bottled version will not be produced. "It will be strictly a draught beer," say Lohring, who added that only two of the kegs will be cask-conditioned

Tremont Old Scratch
Luscious apricot and cherry fruit with chocolate and mocha. Lots going on - huge beer, flavors of roasted malt and hops. Will improve with age.
*** 1/2

Tremont IPA
Citrus fruit and floral British hops abound to make a medium to full bodied elixir. A future world classic.

Tremont ESB
Want to know what Bass Ale tastes like in Britain? This ESB is citrusy, woody and complex. Pleasant chalky and dry finish.

Tremont Ale
Dense layers of foam give way to fruity, nutty malt with pronounced British hop character. Exceptionally quaffable.
*** 1/2

Tremont Ale (Cask Conditioned)
A cask conditioned version of the above brew. Lower carbonation and warmer serving temperature allow for more hop and malt flavor. Delightfully yeasty and complex.
*** 1/2