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You've Got Mail

September, 1999

By Bobby Bush

I learned a long time ago not to expect a ground swell of response from any of my printed articles. Brewers offer an occasional thanks and, even better, a free beer or two. And once in while an acquaintance will proffer an unexpected “nice article” comment. It’s interesting people and flavorful beer that keep me going.

So it was with some surprise when I received a heartfelt response regarding an article, “Royal Bavarian,” which appeared in these pages just two weeks ago. I’d e-mailed Munich-born brewer/owner Jorg Kuhne and his lovely wife Karin an advance copy of the FOCUS article describing my memorable visit to their Moore, Oklahoma brewpub, juxtaposed with the tragedy of April’s 300 mph tornadoes which leveled parts of the area.

Herewith is mail from Moore:

Dear Bobby, Sorry it took so long to answer your wonderful letter.

First we were “shocked,” that beer can be more important to somebody than victims of a tornado, but then we all laughed and even a lot of our customers, whom we gave your letter to read, enjoyed it as well.

Karin and I think, the way you wrote, you did a wonderful job and we are very happy that you enjoyed your visit at Royal Bavarian so much.

We are really glad that more and more Americans appreciate a good beer and believe more in quality rather than in quantity. It is ashamed that these industry beers are even allowed to be called BEER!!!

When you travel again to this area, we would be very pleased to welcome you at ROYAL BAVARIAN in Moore, Oklahoma.

With best regards, Jorg Kuhne.

This article first appeared in Focus, a weekly paper published in Hickory, North Carolina.

© Bobby Bush


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