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Did brewing have a life in Maine before David Geary arrived on the scene with his pioneering Geary's Pale Ale in 1986? The answer, surprisingly, is "yes." In fact, David - and the brewing cohorts who have followed - is descended from a rather large array of Mainers who have done their best to turn malt and water and hops into that magic beverage known as beer.

The Great State Of Maine Beer Book tells the tale of these early Maine brewing mavens in the section I've so cleverly entitled Part 1: Old Brewers. The years where Maine and the nation were "dry" - but where rum running abounded - is entitled Part II: No Brewers. You can probably guess what I've entitled the last section. It's Part III: New Brewers. It's the part, of course, that includes all the marvelous brews and brewers that we are fortunate to have in Maine today. They brew some great stuff!

I've very much enjoyed researching and writing each section. I hope you have as much enjoyment reading it.

Will Anderson
Portland, Maine
May 14, 1996

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- Preface
- Beer History
- Early Maine Brewers
- 1800s Ads
- 1900s Ads
- More Beer Ads
- Prohibition
- Repeal!
- Modern Maine Brewers