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softbeer1 Ads from around-the-state brewers of yore, 1871-1892. The ads for Benjamin F. Haley and J.E. Howe & Sons promote "soft" beers only, but both of these firms are believed to have brewed "hard" beer as well. The Haley ad is especially intriguing. Looking at it, one might think that Haley oversaw an immense operation. He didn't.. The illustration used in the ad was a stock cut ... used to embellish many another ad, too.

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Billhead, John Bradley's Forest City Brewery, 1860.

This - apart from newspaper advertisements - is one of only two pieces of 19th century Maine breweriana (an item of beer advertising or packaging) known to exist. In the entire world. I came across it in a used book store in Portland in 1987. I did not realize its significance then. I do now.


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