Apr 21, 2018

Beer Break

Beer Break Vol. 2, No. 9
That time of year - laying down beer

Dec. 6, 2001

As our beer cellar/fridge starts to fill with holiday beers, many of them relatively high in alcohol content, we can't help be think about saving a few for months or even years down the road. We've discussed the subject of laying down beer before in Beer Break.


Now Michael Jackson checks in on the subject, most particularly those beers suitable for cellaring.

Jackson advises against refrigerating beers meant to mature, but people who live in apartments, houses without basements or warm climates find they are better off using a beer refrigerator to simulate a cellar. Check the archives for more than that.

One more of the holidays

When we wrote last week about interesting beer-related presents for the holidays we wish we'd included the beer bottle organ that Stephen Beaumont of World of Beer came across. He writes: "Okay, so it might seem like a joke, but it's not. The Peterson Beer Bottle Organ (BBO) really exists. The product of an organ-building company from the South Side of Chicago, the Peterson BBO makes music by blowing air over beer bottles filled to various levels with mineral oil. It can be played by keyboard, or if you prefer, by hooking it up to a midi player."

Tasting notes
Brewed by Shepherd Neame in England

Michael Jackson writes:

A varietal beer this year (all First Gold hops). Deep orange color. Big, earthy, English hop aroma. Firm, oily, creamy, body. Big, toasted-malt, flavours, developing estery notes reminiscent of vanilla, raspberries and Seville orange. A very wintry breakfast beer?

Brewed by Great Divide in Denver

Real Beer tasting notes:

In the style of an English Old Ale -- chewy, warming, spicy hop finish. Wonderfully balanced. Chocolate aroma and chocolate tones throughout, with a tasty caramel middle. At 8.1% abv, definitely a beer worthy of cellaring.

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