RBPMail 2.09, September 1995

Real Beer Page Mail (RBPMail) began as a modest update to craft-brew events on the WWW. It evolved into a news digest and sometimes editorial forum. We present its contents here much as they were emailed to subscribers. Often, links you will see are out of date, and businesses referred to may also be long gone.

In this issue:


* Brewer GABF Alert

If you are a professional brewer attending the GABF this year, please call us at 800.918.7624 to receive an invitation to our hospitality stogie and stout smokeout reception. The event will follow the brewer's reception and will take place from 9:30pm-11:30pm on Wednesday evening.

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* GABF Live in the WWW!

Great news for those of you who can't attend the Great American Beer Festival this year. We're assisting in bringing the events to you live as we post images, reports and events on our pages. Each of our sites share links and information chronicling the hallmark events and behind the scenes activities at the Great American Beer Festival. The Real Beer Page will provide press-coverage. The Virtual GABF will provide event production and neat features such as online chats. If you will be at the event, come by and bask in your 15-minutes of fame. If you can't make it, pop open your favorite craft-product, log-on and enjoy! The dates to remember: October 5-7.

The Virtual GABF Sites:

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* Pete's Ads Iced by Bud

"First they stole my dog. Now they're stealing my ad agency," said Pete Slosberg of Pete's Wicked Ales. He's referring to Anheuser-Busch, who threw a $30 million bone to Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein to convince you that they have good beer. Standard practice in advertising is to remove conflicts of interest so they dropped Pete like drool-coated Frisbee. Don't feel too bad for Pete; his beer sales rose 150% last year on the merit of real beer. For more on this story, see this month's Celebrator Beer News

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* Bud Swings Ax At Budding Nation: Editorial Column

You may call it a matter of business, but we call it nastiness. If you're still drinking Bud, perhaps you'll join us in a boycott to send the same message to them that they gave to the good people of the Czech Republic. In last month's RBPMail we spoke of Anheuser-Busch's thwarted plans to buy Budvar, the small Czech brewery also using the Budweiser name. The conspicuous reasons were to open the way to marketing the U.S. brand in Europe, probably by dismantling and destroying the older brewery. The Czech government decided it was in their best national interest to preserve the cultural integrity and historical property of their brewery. In a malicious adolescent tantrum, A-B has canceled all purchases of the Saaz hops from the budding democracy, presumable indefinitely. Although you'll be hard pressed to find hops in any single A-B beer, their products represent 4 of every 10 beers consumed in America, and therefore employ an enormous amount of hops overall. The move will deeply hurt the poorest people in the Czech Hops food chain - peasants, small farmers, dock workers, etc. Is this how we in the beer community want to be known around the world? Shame on Bud.

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* Beer Stock Watch, Part II

We may make this a monthly feature based on the favorable response to our last couple of stock happening notices:

-- Portland Extends Stock Sales: For those who want another shot at becoming an investor in Portland Brewing Company, you're in great fortune. The Common Stock Offering has been extended through November 10, 1995 at $7/share and $700 minimum purchase. Call for a prospectus at 800.FUN.BREW - 800.386.2739. You must be a resident of Oregon, Montana, Washington, California, Colorado and Idaho. Check them out on the Web at

-- Oldenberg Brewing Company: Diversify your brew portfolio with a new midwest offering coming from Oldenberg, the folks with the largest U.S. beer museum and who bring you Beer Camp twice a year. The common stock offering will be priced at $2.45/share with a minimum 200 share, $490 purchase. Learn more about them on the Web at

-- Hubbs 99+ Beers of the World: for those of you reading this from Ohio *ONLY* may be interested in a Common Stock Offering from a multi-tap room "conceived by a women as a place where both men and women could gather." Inquiries: 800.431.8377.

-- Sam Adam's goes public. Call Jim Koch or your broker if you care. As an interesting side note, see Jim Dorsch's article on Koch in this month's American Brewer. In it, we learn that Boston Brewing's Chairman thinks that owning a microbrewery is just a marketing gimmick. Go figure.

We're committed to assisting the brewing industry learn how to communicate their information online. We all benefit from the information the bring to the medium. You can help raise their awareness by telling them you heard about them on the Real Beer Page Mail on the Internet.

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* New Breweries Online!!!

There are many new breweries online and several more on the way. Each of the following pages are under development and will continually evolve, so save the bookmark when you visit.

Lost Coast:
Rogue Ales:
Tied House/
Coming Soon: Old Depot, Rock Bottom in Denver, Stoudt's Brewing and BrewTees!

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