RBPMail 2.06, June 1995

Real Beer Page Mail (RBPMail) began as a modest update to craft-brew events on the WWW. It evolved into a news digest and sometimes editorial forum. We present its contents here much as they were emailed to subscribers. Often, links you will see are out of date, and businesses referred to may also be long gone.

In this issue:

  • What's New in Brewing
    • U.S. Craft-Brewing Movement Keeps Getting Bigger
    • Small Brewers Gather In Record Numbers
    • Big Ruling for Big Beer and Free Speech
    • Politics Make Strange Beer-Recipes
    • Guiness Gives Away Irish Pub!
  • What's New on the Real Beer Page
    • Beer Masters Unite
    • New Publications Online!
    • Searchable Articles
    • Brewer's Questions Being Tallied
    • Real Beer Page ranked number 9 Web site


* Craft Brewing Explosion Explosive

Meteoric growth of the craft-brewing industry continued last year as production increased 50 percent and market share rose 40 percent over the previous year, the Institute of Brewing Studies reports in its latest industry update. New breweries increased 63 percent from 1993 with more breweries opening in 1994 than throughout the craft-brewing industry's first 12 years. -- Southern Draft Brewing News ( Supporting editorial can be found in the current issue of the Celebrator ( just hitting newsstands now features an article by Steve Johnson regarding the explosive growth in the South Eastern U.S.

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* Small Brewers Gather In Record Numbers

The industry's roaring success was made abundantly clear at the National Microbrewers and Pubbrewers Conference and Trade Show in April in Austin, Texas. From its modest beginnings nine years ago, the conference has grown into a massive event, attracting a record 2,000 plus people from the brewing business and allied industries. -- Southern Draft Brewing News (

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* Important Ruling for Big Beer and Free Speech

More beer cans and bottles soon are expected to display their alcohol content as a result of the Supreme Court overturning a 1935 law banning such information on beer containers. In a unanimous decision, the court ruled April 19 in favor of a Coors Brewing Co. suit that argued disclosure of the alcohol content on beer containers is a matter of free speech. -- Southern Draft Brewing News (

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* Politics Make Strange Beer-Recipes

Bard's Brewpub of Arlington, VA had an interesting solution to a sour lambic beer. They added a blackberry from Oregon called Marion Berries, after which they appropriately named the fruit beer Marion Berry Wheat Beer. Popular because of their proximity to Washington D.C., Bards claims to be moving over 1/2 a barrel of the beer a week and mayoral Marion has been seen posing with "namesake" in hand. --Barleycorn Beer News

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* Guiness Gives Away Irish Pub!

On May 22, Frank Gallagher was selected from 10 finalists to win the 150-year old Kilgoban Pub in Bantry, Ireland. Gallagher, 65-year old retired wine and beer distributor from out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida wanted it bad. Like a fine head of stout he rose to the top of 35,000 entries through a series of tests: 50- word essays, dart throwing, and pour the perfect pint contests. This is Guiness' second year with the contest. Last year, a 24-year old guy from Boston quit his job, moved to Ireland and is still running the pub he won. Good job if you can win it... More information is in this month's Celebrator (

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* New Publications Online!

We're proud to bring two distinctively different, but high-quality brew publications online. Check our what's new pages frequently for other new features as well.


Brew magazine provides in depth editorial of several brewpubs all across the U.S. for the beer traveler. These pages come to the web with full graphic and information richness. These pages will be refreshed every other month as new print issues come to the newsstand. The print version will contain content unavailable on the WWW and vice versa. Drop by and see the marvelous new publication. If you like what you experience, you can subscribe online for the print version.

->Southern Draft Brew News

Southern Draft Brew News caters to the South Eastern U.S., one of the fastest growing areas in craft brewing. Editorial also covers universal subjects, such as cask conditioned ales, beer styles and homebrewer notes. The current issue is just hitting the stands, so if you can't wait two months for your information to get digitized for the WWW, you can subscribe online.

We also have several more Beer Magazines in the works to come online that will serve detailed information for every beer interest and need. We are starting to apply WAIS search capabilities across the entire server to make these resources intuitive and custom to your interests.

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* Beer Master's Tasting Society Adds Tasting Cards

Want to share your opinions about brews you taste for the rest of the world to know? There's a new page for you over at the Beer Master's Tasting Society. Point your browser to:

You can also order excellent glassware, hats, shirts and memberships right online. Enjoy!

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* Real Beer Page ranked in Top Ten Web sites

Point Communications Corp., ( the leading World Wide Web survey company, has released its latest survey of World Wide Web pages. We are very proud to announce that we were ranked number 9 out of all of the other Web pages available. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our success. Keep sending us feedback on what you like and what you'd like to see added to The Real Beer Page.

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* New Partners and Directions

The Real Beer Page is proud to announce its newest partner, Pat Hagerman. Pat's no stranger to the craft-brew industry: his younger brother and father run the Riverside Brewing company, winner of three GABF medals last year and seven at Chicago's World Beer Championships. Pat left a secure high-tech job to pursue publishing the Real Beer Page full-time. So, if you know any breweries or beer merchandisers interested in WWW exposure on The Real Beer Page, have them contact Pat ( Or soon he won't be able to afford any craft-beer except what we brew ourselves... (macaroni and cheese beer?) :-)

Special thanks to Jonathan Hahn ( for all the amazing technologies behind the Real Beer Page.