Aug 03, 2021

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This old kegerator

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Choosing a kit

How will your tap be mounted?
1) Standard door face
2) Tower
3) Directly on keg inside Kegerator.

Example kits

Standard Single Keg Kit
1.Commercial Grade Double Gauge Co2 Regulator.
2. 5 Feet of 5/16" Air/Co2 Line Assembly.
3. 7485E American "D" System Sankey Lever Handle Coupler.
- Check to compatibility chart to ensure that this coupler will work with your brand keg.
4. 5 Feet of Beer Line Assembly.
5. 5 1/8" Long Shank with Nipple Assembly.
6. Chrome Plated Faucet with Brass Lever.
7. Comes with black ABS plastic Faucet Knob.
8. 1 Fiber Washer that is placed between regulator and Co2 Tank. This washer is optional. You can pick up additional washers when you get you tank filled.
9. 1 Neoprene Washer that is placed between keg coupler and beer line assembly. The purpose of this washer is stop any beer from leaking out the top of the keg coupler.
10. Standard Specialty Faucet Wrench

Deluxe Single Keg Kits
1. Basic components above plus
2. Commercial Double Gauge Co2 Regulator instead of a single
3. 7485E American "D" System Sankey Lever Handle Coupler.
4. 6" Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Back Spash (No Drain)
5. Deluxe Specialty Faucet Wrench

Standard Dual Keg Kit
1. Above Standard kit x2 plus:
2. Commercial Grade Double Gauge Co2 Regulator with Co2 Splitter

Guinness Kegerator Kits
1. The same basic components as the other kits with these exceptions
2. Nitrogen tank (Optional)
3. Economy Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator.
4. Economy European "U" System Handle Coupler.
5. 4 1/8" Long Shank with Nipple Assembly.
6. Economy Brass Stout Faucet.
7. Deluxe Specialty Faucet Wrench

Getting started - Build you dream system

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