'Vote with your throat'

Brewery puts faces of mayoral candidates on special bottles

Oct 18, 2006 - The Trafalgar Brewing Co. in Oakville, Ontario, had found another way to make its beer relevant to its community.


Its latest beer features the faces of three London mayoral candidates on the labels. Named after incumbent Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, primary challenger Joe Fontana, and six-time mayoral candidate Ivan Kasiurak, the beers are DeCicco's Best, Fontana Red Lager, and Ivan's Ale.

The brewery released a batch for the federal election last January as part of a beer poll, comparing the total sales of each party's beer - which closely mirrored the actual election results.

In September the brewery crafted a special edition beer to help raise funds to save a 250-year old oak tree threatened by road expansion.

Not every candidate thinks "Vote With Your Throat" is a good idea.

DeCicco-Best said: "I declined to be a part of it... I didn't give permission," she said. "I was a bit surprised to see it. I didn't think they would go ahead with it. It was not part my plan to be on a beer bottle, and not part of our efforts in our campaign. It's unfortunate they went ahead with it."

The Trafalgar Brewing's initiative doesn't project a positive message, said Cynthia Etheridge, one of three candidates not featured on a beer bottle.

"I wouldn't be in support of this anyway," she said.

Published : Oct 18, 2006
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