Another UK brewery to close

Greene King will shutdown Hardy & Hansons at Kimberly

Oct 3, 2006 - Greene King plans to close the Hardy & Hansons brewery in Kimberly, putting 80 employees out of work.


Greene King bought the brewery earlier this year, and said after a full review it found it made "no economic sense" to continue brewing at the site. Production is scheduled to stop by the end of this year.

Production will be switched to Greene King's Bury St. Edmunds site.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) quickly criticized the decision. Andrew Ludlow, of the Save Hardys & Hansons Brewery Group said, "Only weeks after acquiring this remarkable Victorian brewery, Greene King has ignored calls from beer drinkers across the UK to keep brewing in Kimberley. We have not given up and we will continue our campaign until Greene King reverses its decision."

Mike Benner, CAMRA's Chief Executive added, "We regard this as an unnecessary loss. Despite a history of brewery closures, Greene King has shown with its acquisition of Belhaven that it can integrate other breweries into a growing empire. We urge them to follow this approach with the Kimberley Brewery. Britain's brewing heritage is being slowly eroded by a seemingly endless string of closures through consolidation and drinkers across the UK need to join us in opposing this destruction."

Greene King's chief executive Rooney Anand countered: "Greene King invests more in cask beer than any other brewer but, to remain viable, returns have to be delivered on this investment. The best way to ensure that Hardys & Hansons' brands continue to flourish in a challenging ale market is to transfer brewing to Bury St Edmunds."

Published : Oct 3, 2006
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