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'Miraculous' image part of church campaign for Christmas

Sept 15, 2006 - A group of churches in Britain plan to make an advertisement featuring the face of Jesus as a "miraculous" apparition on an empty beer glass the centerpiece of a campaign to encourage church-going this Christmas.


No surprisingly, early reactions are mixed.

In the print campaign, a poster shows the face of Jesus emerging from the froth on the sides of an empty glass alongside the words "Where will you find him?"

The Churches' Advertising Network (CAN), an inter-denominational group of Christians that has previously depicted Jesus as a baby Santa Claus and the revolutionary, Che Guevara, said the new ads highlight the global trend for seeing religious figures in everyday objects.

"The message is subtle but simple - where is God in all the boozing at Christmas?" said CAN chairman Francis Goodwin.

Tom Allen, a "mission priest" in West Yorkshire described the campaign as sickening.

On his website BigBulkyAnglican, he stated: "On the day when a Government-commissioned report suggests that rather than focus on drugs education, schools and youth work bodies should be educating young people about drink, ie, drink is much the more serious problem, CAN launch this particularly obtuse poster. And they claim to be the media-savvy ones who know how to communicate with young people."

Goodwin said that CAN will also use to promote the campaign.

Published : Sept 15, 2006
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