Adnams retires horses

UK brewer's dray will make last deliveries Friday

Sept 5, 2006 - Adnams Brewery in Suffolk ends horse-drawn beer deliveries this week.


Two horses, Percherons named Sam and Monarch, will make their last deliveries to six Southwold pubs this week. Because Adnams is moving its distribution center officials decided it would be too far for the horses to walk.

"On road safety and animal welfare grounds, we have decided that the journey would not be appropriate," an Adnams spokesman said. "So they will make their last delivery on Friday. I imagine quite a few people will be out to say goodbye."

Adnams resumed using the horses in 1970 after a 17-year hiatus. Chris Orchard, who drove the dray pulled by the horses, will now deliver beer by truck.

Published : Sept 5, 2006
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