Finkels return

Seattle couple reacquires Pike Brewing in Seattle

May 30, 2006 - American beer pioneers Charles and Rose Ann Finkel have returned to a more active roll in craft beer, reacquiring Pike Brewing Co. in Seattle's Pike Place Market.


Charles Finkel sold his interest in Pike to importer Merchant du Vin - another company he founded - in 1997 to pursue other interests. Pike and Merchant du Vin will now operate independently.

The Finkels first opened Pike Brewing in 1989 in a small space in Seattle. When it moved to its current location at 1415 First Ave., Finkel turned part of the brewery-restaurant into a mini-museum decorated with brewing-related items he acquired in the course of 20 years.

Finkel founded Merchant du Vin in 1978 and was responsible for introducing many American to the world's beer styles.

After reading Michael Jackson's World Guide to Beer, Finkel called Jackson at his London home to praise the book. They quickly became friends, soon they were sharing beers in Finkel's kitchen (for instance, that's where Ayinger's doppelbock Celebrator got its name). By 1979 Jackson was conducting tastings at Merchant du Vin for retailers and restaurateurs and the craft beer revolution had begun.

Published : May 30, 2006
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