Heartland beer targets women

Berry Champagne Ale served in custom flute

May 3, 2006 - New York City's Heartland Brewery has designed a beer just for women.


Berry Champagne Ale is made with red raspberry puree, a touch of ginger, some pomegranate oil and fermented with Belgian yeast used to create a dry effervescent finish. "This is beer with a sweet, crisp taste specially crafted for women," reads a company press release.

Beery Champagne Ale"Designed for female non-beer drinkers who usually go for Cosmos, mixed drinks and wine, the Berry Champagne Ale is pink in color and well balanced with fruit, sweetness, hops and barley malt," the release continues.

Brewmaster Kelly Taylor said the taste will "win over the girls," adding that the beer is both complex and easy drinking with mixed fruit in the aroma and sweetness with a tart edge.

The beer will be served in an oversized custom-designed champagne flute with a colorful wrap-around illustration of a woman's legs in high heel shoes and fish net stockings.

Berry Champagne Ale is available at Times Square, Radio City, Union Square and Empire State Heartland Breweries for $6 a glass.

Published : May 3, 2006
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