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Famous Belgian brewer has deal with Real Ale Brewing in Texas

Apr 19, 2006 - The wait for a beer brewed under the direction of Pierre Celis on American soil should soon be over.


Real Ale Brewing in Blanco, Texas, has all but cemented the long-rumored deal to brew with Celis, the man who basically saved the white beer style in Belgium, then created the legendary Celis Brewery in Austin, Texas.

"We feel like it's a great opportunity," Real Ale's Brad Farbstein told the San Antonio Express. "The timing couldn't be better. We're speechless. It's such an honor."

Celis, 81, will work with Real Ale to produce a spiced witbier called Brussels White and a Grand Cru. The name Brussels links the styles to Belgium and avoids the use of Celis in the name, which is now owned by Michigan Brewing Co.

Farbstein said the White will be about 5.5% alcohol by volume. The White also will be mixed with juice to create a 4% line of alcohol fruit beers using cherries, raspberries and (nearby) Fredericksburg peaches. The wheat will come from Luckenbach.

Published : Apr 19, 2006
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