Bud, Bit and Budweiser

You better know your brands when you order during World Beer Cup

Apr 10, 2006 - Anheuser-Busch will not be allowed to use the Budweiser name at the World Cup in Germany.


Although it is one of 15 firms that paid $40 million to become a World Cup sponsor, A-B will market its beer at Anheuser-Busch Bud because Czech brewery Budweiser Budvar owns the Budweiser copyright in Germany.

A-B also had to reach a compromise with German brewer Bitburger to use the name "Bud" on perimeter advertising at World Cup stadiums. The company first could not use "Bud" because of its similarity to "Bit," which Bitburger uses to market its beers.

In return, A-B gave up its rights as the exclusive beer vendor during the tournament. Bitburger will also sells its beer at the various stadiums where the tournament is held.

"The long-standing dispute with a Czech brewer will not hamper our efforts to activate strong World Cup marketing programs," said A-B vice president of global media and sports marketing Tony Ponturo.

Published : Apr 10, 2006
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