Toads for beer

Australians promote humanitarian acts by trading beers for live toads

Mar 20, 2006 - Animal activists in Australia have set up a toad-for-beer exchange in order to promote humanitarian disposal of toads.


RSPCA Australia, Coopers Brewery in the Cavenagh Hotel in Darwin teamed with three Darwin organizations after a local film aired depicting toad hunters in a simulated orgy of killing.

Here's how it works: Anyone over the age of 18 who captures a toad and delivers it alive to the Darwin RSPCA qualifies for a glass of Coopers beer at the Cavenagh Hotel. Sean Gould of Coopers said the limit for beer vouchers was six per day, although hunters could turn in more toads.

"We want to encourage the humane treatment of animals," acting chief executive of RSPCA Darwin Lindsay Wilkinson said.

Cavenagh Hotel general manager Brett Simmonds added: "It's all about the toads, not about the beer."

The toads must be alive. "No coupons for squashed toads," Wilkinson said.

The RSPCA will then kill the toads with sodium pentobarbitone, an overdose of barbiturates administered with a few drops on the skin that kills toads immediately. "It's the most humane way to kill an animal," Wilkinson.

Published : Mar 20, 2006
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