'Bitter' lawmakers

Parliament members question why Young's Bitter was replaced with San Miguel

Dec 1, 2005 - What's on tap at for members of Britain's parliament has changed - and not all members are pleased.


The Publican reports: "Some trendy young whippersnapper has decided to change the stocking policy of the Strangers' Bar, located in the Houses of Parliament, by replacing Young's Bitter with beastly foreign lager San Miguel."

Martin Linton, who is Young's local MP in London, has written to leader of the house Geoff Hoon to complain about the presence of "a lager emanating from the Philippines which is not only far inferior but far more alcoholic.

"In the name of good taste and indeed of Parliamentary sobriety would you not help us get Young's back?"

Hoon replied that he didn't realize what beer would be available in the bar at the House of Commons. "I am delighted to discover that I might have responsibility for this matter and certainly I am sure that it is something which will be investigated now that you have raised this question so eloquently," he said.

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