Wind in their (full) sails

Oregon brewery makes major commitment to renewable energy

Oct 13, 2005 - Full Sail Brewing has committed to using renewable energy that will have the same environmental impact as planting 33,000 trees.


The brewery will buy 140 blocks of Blue Sky renewable energy from Pacific Power in Hood River, Ore., where Full Sail operates.

"We care about maintaining a healthy environment," said brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. "As a local employee-owned company, we have a long term commitment to the Gorge and that means doing all we can to maintain the environment."

"When we were approached about buying Blue Sky, we could see it was a natural fit," Emmerson said. "As a company, we treat the waste from the brewing process before it goes into the city's sewer. We recycle spent grain, glass, corrugated cardboard, paper and plastic wrap and we use recycled paperboard for our packaging."

Full Sail's Blue Sky purchase of 140 blocks per month for 12 months reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 168 tons, which has the environmental benefit as not driving 2,900 round trips to Portland or planting 33,000 trees.

"More than 9% of Hood River is already choosing renewable energy through a Blue Sky option and that's five times the national average," said Jaimes Valdez Renewable Northwest Project community outreach coordinator for Renewable Northwest Project (RNP). "If 15% of the community participates in the Blue Sky program, residents and businesses will make Hood River the top supporter of renewable energy in Oregon and a national leader."

Buying Blue Sky helps support local wind farm development. Recently Pacific Power purchased 40,000 megawatt hours of wind power from the nearby Nine Canyon Wind Project.

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