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Sam Adams lets drinkers choose next offering

Oct 11, 2005 - Should Boston Beer Co. make a Bohemian Pilsner or Brown Ale its next Samuel Adams beer?


The company is letting beer drinkers decide. The "Beer Lover's Choice" program allows consumers to sample each of the choices, then vote for the one they prefer. The winner will make its debut in January in the 2006 Brewmaster's Collection, a mixed 12-pack. It will later be sold in six-packs.

The pilsner is brewed in the style of of a traditional Czech Pilsner, pale in color with generous Saaz hopping. The brown ale is malt accented, taking its complexity from six malts.

Voting continues through October at tasting events in bars across the country.

"One of my goals as a brewer is to sharpen consumers' palates and to educate them as to what makes a great beer," said Boston Beer founder Jim Koch. "... the one that drinkers select will be a great addition to our family of beers."

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