Restoration Ale

New beer from Abita will help fund rebuilding New Orleans

Sept 14, 2005 - The Abita Brewing Co., located 30 miles north of New Orleans but spared major storm damage from Hurricane Katrina, has launched two initiatives to help raise funds for Katrina victims.


"The rebuilding and restoration of the greater New Orleans area is vitally important," said brewery president David Blossman. "We're proud to be a Louisiana Company and feel blessed that we are still able to brew beer and keep our employees working."

Abita has brewed special "Fleur-de-lis" Restoration Ale, with one dollar from the sale every six-pack going directly to the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation.

The Fleur-de-lis name and symbol were chosen for this very special beer with a dual purpose in mind. It's a well-recognized symbol of New Orleans, but it is also a symbol of light and life.

"This brew in every way symbolizes the hope and generosity of our people," said Blossman. "Everybody in their own way, has to contribute to the recovery efforts . . . and our way is to do what we do best. Brew great tasting beer. Our wish is that everyone who enjoys Abita Beer will enjoy it even more, knowing they are helping to restore the areas we all love so much."

The Abita Springs brewery also created a line of t-shirts, hats and a special "Fleur-de-lis" ribbon pin and car magnet to raise funds for the hurricane victims. Blossman said that 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the merchandise would go directly to the LDRF. All of the items can be viewed and purchased on-line at the Abita Brewing website.

"We as a community want the nation to know that we will rebuild the New Orleans area. Sometimes a lot of little things add up and if we can get thousands of the pins, hats and car magnets out there it makes a difference," Blossman said. "It brings us together, united and it adds a common voice to the entire cause."

Within just a few hours of the products being added to the brewery's website thousands of dollars worth of the merchandise had been purchased. Orders poured in from Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Alabama, New Jersey and more than 21 other states.

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