Beer pong banned

Shore town outlaws playing alcohol-related games in public

Aug 5, 2005 - Forget beer pong on the Jersey Shore.


The borough of Belmar has banned outdoor games involving alcohol. The so-called "Beer Pong" ordinance prohibits alcohol-related games or contests on porches, decks, lawns, front and side yards, or anywhere that can be viewed by the public and neighbors.

The regulation takes its name from a drinking game in which players bounce pingpong balls into cups of beer - then drink the beer. Borough clerk Margaret Plummer said residents near rental areas have complained about people playing such games on their front lawns, getting progressively drunk and noisy.

Belmar, located about halfway between Manhattan and Atlantic City, has an offseason population of 6,000 that can reach 70,000 on a summer weekend.

Some summer renters, such as Michael Todd, say the borough is trying to drive out young people who provide an economic boost to the area. Todd, 27, filed a complaint against a police officer who issued him a summons for playing Wiffle ball, the Asbury Park Press reported. "I didn't know Belmar all of (a) sudden turned into a big dictatorship borough," Todd said.