Artois turns to dark side

Interbrew revives Stella's bock sibling after 50 years away

May 31, 2005 - Brewing giant Interbrew plans to plans to resume brewing Artois Bock, a 6.2% abv beer last brew in the 1950s.


Artois Bock was the forerunner of Stella Artois and the drinks giant is hoping that the new beer will benefit from the halo effect of the 40 million investment behind the Stella brand, as well as an association with Interbrew specialty beers like Leffe and Hoegaarden.

First reports about the return of Artois Bock come from England, where it will be sold beginning in August. Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Interbrew UK, said: "The familiarity and trust of the Artois name among consumers will enable Artois Bock to 'bridge the gap' between premium lager and specialty beer, widening our drinks repertoire."

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