Lady of Beer

Statue of goddess at center of housing project in Burton, England

May 26, 2005 - When residents of a new housing development in England toast a nearby statue, she might toast them back. Developers in one of England's most revered brewing towns decided the Lady of the Beer would be particularly appropriate for their new project.


The statue of Isis was built for the Cameron Mews development in the famous brewing city of Burton, and is located on the site of the former Heritage Brewery and Goat Maltings.

Isis was an earth goddess who was considered the most caring of Egyptian rulers. She was known as The Mother of all Goddesses, She of Ten Thousand Names as well as the Lady of Beer. She was chosen for the sculpture because of her links to brewing.

Ian Burns, whose company built the development, said: "We were looking for an individual piece of artwork which embraced the style and aspirations of the development with the history and heritage of the town, and this statue certainly achieves that. Isis is, of course, strongly linked to Burton upon Trent where the pure quality of the waters around the area allowed early development of the brewery industry in the town."

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