Campaign mugs

Judge candidates advertises on beer glasses in Philadelphia

May 16, 2005 - A judge candidate in Philadelphia has put her message on mugs across the city. Linda Carpenter, running for judge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, is advertising on beer glasses in taverns. The pint glasses list her campaign web site, where she has information about her background and endorsements.


"I want people to actually read about me, not just see my pint glass," Carpenter said.

She knows a little about beerg mugs. Her husband is an owner of Yards Brewing Co. a Philadelphia microbrewery.

Brian E. Krapf, president of the American Political Items Collectors, said beer mugs were used by candidates in the late 19th century, but he never heard of such a promotion in the post-Prohibition era.

"I wonder what she's going to do when a DUI comes in front of her," Krapf said.