Colder can

Labatt debuts special wrap-around label for 'Blue Cold One'

May 12, 2005 - Labatt Breweries in Canada claims its new high-tech can will keep beer cold up to twice as long. The can will initially be used for the Labatt Blue Cold One six-pack, the 473-millilitrer "tall boy" size of the brewery's flagship brand. The pack will sell for the regular price of $15.


"Getting it cold and keeping it cold - that's always the big concern," said Labatt spokesperson Bob Chant.

The secret to the new Labatt can is a wrap-around label, developed by Dupont, with a thin layer of polymer insulation between two layers of Melinex film.

The insulation fights the three main causes of warm beer - summer heat, condensation and the tight grip of a sweaty palm. Chant said beer will keep cold up to twice as long in the new can. And the new can feels better. "It feels great in your hand, it really does. It's a little bit softer."

Labatt will be distributing the new product in beer stores across Ontario and in select bars and restaurants over the next week.

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