Airline bumps Bud Light

Northwest makes Miller Lite exclusive choice on all flights

May 4, 2005 - Miller Lite will become the exclusive light beer served aboard all Northwest Airlines and Northwest Airlink-operated flights worldwide, replacing Bud Light.


A Northwest spokesman said the airline made the switch because of passenger demand in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, two of Northwest's largest markets.

"Northwest customers wishing to enjoy a light beer on flights throughout our global network will have the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Milwaukee with Miller Lite," vice president of domestic revenue management Jim Cron said.

The airline is expected to purchase more than 700,000 cans of Miller Lite annually to be served aboard its fleet of 659 aircraft.

Northwest had served Miller Lite on its flights until about five years ago, when the airline switched to Bud Light. Northwest will continue to sell Budweiser, another Anheuser-Busch product, aboard all of its flights.