Coors to close Memphis brewery

Doors will shut in 2007 - part of $175 million savings plan

Feb 14, 2005 - Molson Coors Brewing Co. will close its Memphis plant beginning later this year, cutting about 410 jobs by the time the doors are shut in early 2007. The plant brews Coors Light for export, Zima XXX, Keystone Light and Blue Moon. It has a brewing capacity of 3 million barrels per year.


Molson Coors Brewing Co. was created by the recent $3.4 billion merger of Adolph Coors Co., which is based in Golden, and Montreal-based Molson Inc.

In announcing the closing, Coors Molson officials say they're undertaking the move as part of their efforts to save $175 million. They say the company will invest $70 million-$90 million in capital expenditures throughout its North American brewery network to help effect the change.

Operations at the Memphis facility were expected to be phased out beginning in the last half of 2005, although plans for shifting production and the sequence of the closure had not been finalized.

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